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Designing a fluent interface to a semantic editor

I’m at the point where I have all the machinery needed to start adding the ability to edit as well as view Unison expressions in the editor. However, rather than diving right into implementation (which I did before with the Elm-based version), I decided to take a step back and try to figure out a better story for fluent semantic editing.

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First round-trip connecting editor front-end to typechecker

I did some refactoring to allow the Unison editor to run “headless”, using a local, in-memory node rather than a remote Haskell server. This opens the door to a few things.

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How would a hash collision be handled in Unison?

Here’s a question, what happens if there’s a collision with the hashing scheme used by Unison. What would happen, and is this something we should worry about?

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Progress on editor navigation controls

I have a few videos to demo the navigation control I’m adding to the editor. First, let’s look at this old video:

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Richer rendering of function application

A couple quick updates:

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