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Quick update

This is just a quick update. Having looked at the various GHCJS options for writing the editor, the one that looks the most interesting to me is Reflex-DOM, so it’s the one I’m going to be tinkering with first. I’ve got it working with the build and have successfully got “Hello World” running in the browser via GHCJS and Reflex-DOM. Amazingly, it is actually compiling all the Haskell code in shared to JS. The build process isn’t quite as nice as I’d like… which somewhat promped the last post.

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Adding let blocks and setting the stage for further work on the type system

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who’s already become a patron of the project! (More info)

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Funding the project

A number of people have expressed interest in supporting the development of Unison. I’ve set up a Patreon campaign and would certainly welcome your support. You pick an amount you’d like to donate each month, and of course you can stop your patronage any time. Donations can be anonymous or you can attach your name, whatever you are comfortable with. For people who are considering funding, here is a bit more of what I am thinking:

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May 7th 2015 update and roadmap

If you’ve read the About post, you might be thinking:

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Last updated: March 2016

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