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First-class, typed, persistent datasets

More progress. Right now we have a really minimal persistent data API which provides just a single type, a key-value store, called Index k v:

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A huge milestone - first distributed Unison program run successfully!

As of this PR, we got our first distributed program to run successfully. The program dynamically spawns two Unison nodes and ping-pongs a number back and forth between them until the count reaches 5. This exercises a huge amount of code - the BlockStore implementation that Sam has worked on, Arya’s parsing code, the node container code I wrote which handles spawning of new local nodes, the distributed programming API implementation, which is responsible for automatically transporting the computation back and forth between the nodes, and lots more:

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Now you can buy rad Unison t-shirts, stickers, and whatnot to support the project

Exciting news! There’s now a Zazzle store where you can purchase way overpriced t-shirts, stickers, and other swag as a way to support the project and REPRESENT!! Like the Patreon campaign, all income from the store (after Zazzle takes their cut) will go toward supporting the open-source project.

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Progress update!

No posts in a while, we’ve been very busy implementing stuff. Here’s some news:

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The very first Unison Fellowship program

Since starting the Patreon campaign about a year ago, generous patrons of the project have contributed a total of $7,653.72 (after Patreon and credit card fees). Rather than just using this to offset some of my lost income, I’ve decided it would be higher-value to use some of the funds for a program I’m calling the Unison Fellowship. The idea is pretty simple: for an approximately three-month period this summer, the Fellow gets paid a small stipend ($5k) and spends their time hacking on Unison with guidance and mentoring from me (a lot like Google’s Summer of Code program). A number of people have contacted me expressing enthusiasm about getting more involved with the project and this just seemed like a good opportunity. Assuming it works out and there are funds available, we can do it again sometime in the future, and possibly expand the number of slots.

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