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Now you can buy rad Unison t-shirts, stickers, and whatnot to support the project

Exciting news! There’s now a Zazzle store where you can purchase way overpriced t-shirts, stickers, and other swag as a way to support the project and REPRESENT!! Like the Patreon campaign, all income from the store (after Zazzle takes their cut) will go toward supporting the open-source project.

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Progress update!

No posts in a while, we’ve been very busy implementing stuff. Here’s some news:

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The very first Unison Fellowship program

Since starting the Patreon campaign about a year ago, generous patrons of the project have contributed a total of $7,653.72 (after Patreon and credit card fees). Rather than just using this to offset some of my lost income, I’ve decided it would be higher-value to use some of the funds for a program I’m calling the Unison Fellowship. The idea is pretty simple: for an approximately three-month period this summer, the Fellow gets paid a small stipend ($5k) and spends their time hacking on Unison with guidance and mentoring from me (a lot like Google’s Summer of Code program). A number of people have contacted me expressing enthusiasm about getting more involved with the project and this just seemed like a good opportunity. Assuming it works out and there are funds available, we can do it again sometime in the future, and possibly expand the number of slots.

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Node containers and lightweight, zero-copy node provisioning

We are working on the distributed programming API implementation. After finishing the guts of it, some questions lingered about how to tie everything together. I went off and did some pondering, and now several things are more clear. I’m not sure how much sense this post will make to other people but wanted to do some kind of writeup.

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The trouble with adoption of standards


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