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Update and what's next

Hi folks, apologies for the long radio silence, we (myself, Rúnar Bjarnason and Arya Irani) have been heads down actually implementing stuff and I have some progress updates to share! Also, we are going to start posting more frequent updates from here on out (at least twice per month).

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Scala World talk posted introducing Unison and compilation via partial evaluation

Feel free to post any questions or comments below.

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Mobility of computations obviates the need for session types

Note: Session types came up in some conversations I had at Scala World this year.

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Scala World keynote abstract - An introduction to the Unison language and its Scala-based runtime

Jon Pretty invited me a while back to give a keynote talk at Scala World this year, and the event is just a couple weeks away! I thought I’d give a talk about the work Arya Irani and I have done on the new Unison runtime which we are implementing in Scala. Here’s an abstract of the talk:

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Work on fast new Unison runtime

I’d like to get a first release of Unison out by end of 2017 or sooner. The release won’t be a toy or proof-of-concept; provided you don’t mind being on the bleeding edge of a new language, this first release should be usable for real work. The big things missing before that can happen are:

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