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Writeup of our first Unison meetup

We had our first ever Unison meetup last Tuesday! If you missed it or just want to look back on it fondly (or if like me you struggle to remember anything from more than 2 days ago..), this post is for you!! Myself, Arya, and Rúnar planned the agenda and presented. Overall: it was a lot of fun and I found it meaningful and motivating, thanks to everyone who came and who helped make it a success!

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March Update

Hi all — it’s been 464 commits since our last update post, and I hardly know where to start…

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New Year's Update

Hey everyone, Rúnar here. It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been busy.

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Boston Unison meetup and upcoming talk at Boston Haskell

Hi folks, this is a very short post with some updates:

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Strange Loop, updates, rethinking the REPL and spreadsheets

Hi folks, Paul here. One quick thing: Arya, Rúnar, and I will all be at Strange Loop this week and we’ll be presenting on Unison at the Unsessions Thursday night. If you are reading this and are attending Strange Loop or ICFP, I hope you stop by.

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