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Scala World keynote abstract - An introduction to the Unison language and its Scala-based runtime

Jon Pretty invited me a while back to give a keynote talk at Scala World this year, and the event is just a couple weeks away! I thought I’d give a talk about the work Arya Irani and I have done on the new Unison runtime which we are implementing in Scala. Here’s an abstract of the talk:

Unison is a new programming language for building distributed systems: Unison lets you treat any pool of distributed compute resources like a single supercomputer, and provides a language in which to program this supercomputer simply and directly. The Unison runtime (currently in-progress) uses an old but interesting technique—partial evaluation—to perform compilation at runtime. If applied carefully, the technique can produce near-native speeds for compiled programs, and it’s widely applicable to both language implementations and the design of efficient functional libraries. This talk will introduce the Unison language, explore the core ideas of partial-evaluation-based compilation using examples in Scala, then discuss how these ideas are used by the Scala-based Unison runtime.

Looking forward to it!

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