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The very first Unison Fellowship program

Since starting the Patreon campaign about a year ago, generous patrons of the project have contributed a total of $7,653.72 (after Patreon and credit card fees). Rather than just using this to offset some of my lost income, I’ve decided it would be higher-value to use some of the funds for a program I’m calling the Unison Fellowship. The idea is pretty simple: for an approximately three-month period this summer, the Fellow gets paid a small stipend ($5k) and spends their time hacking on Unison with guidance and mentoring from me (a lot like Google’s Summer of Code program). A number of people have contacted me expressing enthusiasm about getting more involved with the project and this just seemed like a good opportunity. Assuming it works out and there are funds available, we can do it again sometime in the future, and possibly expand the number of slots.

Our first Fellow is Sam Griffin. He started officially this week. Welcome, Sam! Sam tells me he has been dabbling in Haskell for more than 10 years, but never quite turned it into a career. He has long dreamed about designing a visual programming language with pure functional roots, and is excited to contribute to the Unison project which shares so many of his design goals.

Sam will be working on a variety of stuff, but his first task is implementing part of the Unison persistent data API. I’ll try to cajole him into doing a post on that at some point. Once again, welcome Sam!

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