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Starting a company based around Unison

Exciting news everyone! I am going to be starting a company based around Unison. What form that company takes is still somewhat TBD, but the idea is to have a sustainable business that can fund at least a core group of developers to further build out and improve upon Unison. If you’re reading this and are interested in partnering up to help build something revolutionary, check out the official job posting at

What does this mean for Unison the open source project? Well, the Unison platform is and always will be open source and permissively licensed. This is part of the vision for the project—an open, common platform, eventually used by millions of nodes on the web, all of which can exchange data and computations easily. People have a hard time trusting proprietary platforms or languages (for good reason!) or staking their business on them, and proprietary platforms also lose out on many of the beneficial network effects that come with everybody having open access. So the project won’t be going in that direction.

That said, there are lots of exciting possibilities for services and products built atop Unison. To take just one example: imagine getting to program to the abstraction of an infinitely scalable, elastic cluster of Unison nodes, all of which may trivially exchange arbitrary typed Unison values. You could of course manage a fleet of Unison nodes yourself, or you could pay for a well-engineered service that does all this heavy lifting for you. The success of AWS and other cloud service providers shows that there is an enormous market here. The difference is that Unison can provide a much nicer programming model for building highly-available web services than directly using AWS.

This is just one of many ideas for applications of Unison tech, and if successful, I hope and expect there to be lots of businesses leveraging and building upon this open platform, just as many now build upon other open platforms like the web itself.

Once again, here’s the link to the job posting: If you’re reading this and are interested in one of the listed roles or know someone who might be a good fit, let me know! Also feel free to circulate this and/or the jobs posting to folks who may be interested.

Questions, comments, concerns?

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