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Recent progress

I’ve been pretty absorbed with client work the past couple weeks and don’t have too much to share regarding Unison. And I’ll be away on vacation next week. I’ll plan on doing a post two weeks from today and should have more to share then. Here’s what I do have right now:

A bit of Unison editor progress—I’m very slowly getting going with Reflex and GHCJS-DOM. Thanks to the helpful folks in #reflex-frp for answering my questions. The Unison editor has some unique needs that aren’t directly supported by Reflex out of the box, so I need to do some yak-shaving before I really get cranking. Will write more about this later. Some of the problems are pretty general and the solutions may be of general interest.

Somewhat related, there was a recent ICFP paper with a new formulation of FRP. The result of their work is a simple, Haskell 98 library (no fancy types) which claims to largely eliminate the possibility of space leaks while retaining first-class events and behaviors. Any FRP experts care to weigh in? I have only read through the paper briefly.

I haven’t gotten a chance to do writeups of any projects for contributors yet, but would like to do that soon and already have a bunch of ideas.

Lastly, here are a couple things on my mind:

That’s all for now.

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